Smart RFID Reader

RFID System Working Principles

System Composition

RFID system is composed by tag, reader and data exchange and management system. Electronic tag is composed by coupling component and chip containing security logic.

Working Principle

As an automatic identification technology, RFID implements non-contact full duplex data communications through RF to get target things identified. RFID tag consists of chip and antenna and each tag features unique product code.


When RFID system is working, RF signals with a certain frequency are first transmitted by reader through antenna. As RFID tag enters reader's working field, the antenna will transmit induced current so that RFID tag will capture energy that will be activated to transmit their own code information to reader. When it comes to passive systems, reader will transmit RF signals at a certain frequency through coupling components. As soon as RFID enters this field, energy will be obtained through coupling components to drive chips and reader for communications. After reader reads self-coded information, it'll send it to data exchange and management system. When it comes to active system, after tag enters reader working area, embedded battery will supply power in order to complete communications with reader.

Applications of IoT based RFID Technology

Due to unique identification of RFID tag, RFID technology has received massive focus on its applications. IoT is a hot spot for the application of RFID. As a wireless edition of a bar code, RFID features obvious advantages including water resistance, magnetic resistance, high temperature resistance, long shelf life, far reading distance, encryption and storage information modification. Furthermore, it is capable of recognizing objects moving at a high speed and simultaneously recognizing multiple tags, which is convenient and fast.

IoT based on RFID technology establishes an Internet of Things leading to real-time sharing between things around the globe through taking advantage of technologies of RFID, antenna data communication etc. IoT allows people to get access to information visit and computing service at any time and at any place.

RFID based Applications:

  • Attendance system
  • Smart shopping system
  • Medical file tracking system
  • Inventory management system
  • Access control system security
  • Library management system
  • Security guard monitoring system
  • Asset tracking system
  • Vehicle parking system
  • Toll gate collection system
  • Hotel room access control system
  • Product identification for blind
  • Blind indoor navigation system
  • Dual authentication system for software application
  • Industry supply chain control system
  • Smart conveyor